Klegan Darknova

Favored Sith Battle Rager


Klegan Darknova
Medium Male Human Jedi 7/Sith Apprentice 1
Init: + 9; Perception: + 4
Force: 10; Dark Side: 10
Languages: Basic

Defenses: Ref 21 (flat-footed 19), Fort 25, Will 20
hp 108; Threshold 25

Speed: 4 squares
Melee: Lightsaber + 13 [+ 14 vs. Jedi] (2d8 + 8)
Melee: Mighty Swing Lightsaber (full-action) + 13 [+ 14 vs. Jedi] (3d8 + 8)
Melee: Double Attack Lightsaber (full-action) + 8/+ 8 [+ 9/+ 9 vs. Jedi] (2d8 + 8)
Special Actions: Block/Deflect/Redirect Shot (+ 9); Power of the Dark Side (roll an extra force die and take highest die); Dark Presence (all allies gain + 1 defenses)

Abilities: Str 18 (+ 4), Dex 11 (+ 0), Con 16 (+ 3), Int 8 (- 1), Wis 10 (+ 0), Cha 10 (+ 0)
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Mighty Swing, Weapon proficiency (lightsabers), Toughness, Skill Training: Initiative, Double Attack
Force Powers: Dark Rage [dark side]
Skills: Endurance + 12, Initiative + 9, Use the Force + 9 ( + 11 [dark side] powers)
Talents: Block (pg. 41), Deflect (pg. 41), Power of the Dark Side (pg. 101), Dark Scourge (pg. 223), Redirect Shot (pg. 41)
Possessions: Heavy dark armor with the Dark Side Energy alchemical enhancement, red crystal light saber.


Older brother to D’lar Darknova, Klegan is rage incarnate. Like D’lar, Klegan’s emotions are powerful. Unlike his younger sibling, Klegan has no control over them. Many a Sith Lord has commented that the dark side itself unleashes its own anger on the universe through the giant warrior.

Towering at almost seven feet in height, Klegan is a terror on the battlefield, and not just to his enemies. Sometimes, when gripped by rage, his saber seeks the blood of any near him, allies included.

When the siblings were still in training, it was Klegan who gave D’lar his scar. A dueling instructor used D’lar as an example of excellence, and out of pure jealousy, Klegan slashed the younger boy across his face, leaving the burn scar from lip to temple.

Klegan Darknova

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