D'lar Darknova

Sith Apprentice


D’lar Darknova
Medium Male Human Jedi 2
Init: + 1; Perception: + 1
Force: 6; Dark Side: 0
Languages: Basic

Defenses: Ref 18 (flat-footed 17), Fort 18, Will 14
hp 42; Threshold 18

Speed: 4 squares
Melee: Lightsaber + 4 (2d8 + 3)
Special Actions: Block (+ 7)

Abilities: Str 15 (+ 2), Dex 10 (+ 0), Con 13 (+ 1), Int 10 (+ 0), Wis 12 (+ 1), Cha 12 (+ 1)
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy) Force Sensitivity, Weapon proficiency (lightsabers), Force Training
Force Powers: Dark Rage [dark side], Force Lightning [dark side]
Skills: Endurance + 7, Persuasion + 7, Use the Force + 7 (+ 9 [dark side] powers)
Talents: Block (pg. 41)
Possessions: Medium dark armor with the Dark Side Energy alchemical enhancement, red crystal light saber, utility belt, ration pack, all temperature cloak, small carved statuettes, journal filled with sketches of aliens encountered, 595 credits.


D’lar was born to a pair of artisans on a minor moon in the outer rim. Though obvious from an early age that the young child was going to grow to be an artistic prodigy, this future was ripped away when the Sith visited.

Looking for bodies for their war with the Jedi, the dark siders swept over the moon, filling their ships with slaves. Both D’lar and his older brother, Klegan, were taken. However, the boys were saved from the short life of a slave when their captors discovered them to be force sensitive.

Both children were filled with powerful emotions, including rage. D’lar, having a tighter lid on his feelings, fell under the gaze of z-Lord Vhiran Lanith (deceased), a rogue Sith Lord with peculiar ideas about the Force and the Dark Side.

After a decade, both boys grew to be large, imposing men. Though D’lar is a massive killing machine at 6’ 4", Klegan still towers over his younger brother. The older man has become a favorite of the Dark Army, his bloodthirsty rages legendary even among the Sith. D’lar, though not yet a full Sith like his brother, keeps a much lower profile. Though skilled with saber and force, he controls his emotions—as his master has instructed—not the other way around.

Recently, Vhiran gifted D’lar with Ardana Vizzal, a Twi’lek slave girl. Whether it his master his testing him or teaching a lesson—D’lar thinks both—the young alien girl is to accompany her everywhere. For his own part the young Sith Apprentice is kind and fair to her, as much as Sith politics allows.

D'lar Darknova

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