"Rage Toxin" (Sith Androgenic Enhancement Toxin; 35th batch [SAET-35])

Sith Alchemical Enhancement


Can be applied on a Move Action, it allows anyone (including non-force sensitive beings) taking the serum to use the Dark Rage Force power (see FP description). Since it is modified for troopers specifically, it also grants a bonus to ranged attacks as well.

This modified batch also grants the user a +1 Reflex and Fortitude bonus but is also gives the user a -2 to their Will save.


Originally created by a Sith Lord near the beginning of the New Sith Wars to enhance their Sith warriors’ abilities. This project was proven to be unstable causing madness to any who used it which did cause certain problems to the Sith forces that had to deal with insane Sith warriors. Despite this fact, the Sith utilized the toxin throughout the war anyway.

Throughout the war, the Sith started working different variations of the toxin trying to improve the boons of the toxin while trying to deplete the harmful side-effects. By the time of the Light and Darkness war started (the last decade of the New Sith Wars), the Sith perfected its effects on Force sensitive users w/out seeing any side-effects. The Sith then starting working on a batch that would enhance non-Force-sensitive beings so they could apply it to their troops.

By the end of the war, the final batch provided some special enhancements for their footsoldiers but not without some side-effects. Due to the Sith’s near extinction at the final Battle of Ruusan, the final product was never perfected.

"Rage Toxin" (Sith Androgenic Enhancement Toxin; 35th batch [SAET-35])

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