T9-Series Utility Droid

Astromech Droid


T9-Series Utility Droid CL 0
Small droid (2nd-degree) non heroic 2
Init +2; Senses Perception +3 (darkvision)
Languages Basic (undertand only), Binary, 2 unassigned (understands only);

Defenses Ref 12 (flat-footed 11), Fort 9, Will 10
hp 5; Threshold 9
Immune droid traits

Speed 4 squares (wheeled)
Melee electroshock probe +1 (1d8-1 ion)
Ranged installed blaster pistol +1 (3d6)
Fighting Space 1 square; Reach 1 square
Base Atk +1; Grp -3

Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con —, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 7
Feats Skill Focus (Mechanics), Skill Focus (Use Computer), Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons, pistols)
Skills Mechanics +13, Pilot +7, Use Computer +13
Systems wheeled locomotion, magnetic feet; heuristic processor, 5 tool appendages, diagnostics package, internal storage (2 kg), improved sensor package, darkvision
Possessions blaster pistol (installed), astrogation buffer (storage device, 10 memory units), electroshock probe, fire extinguisher, electric arc welder, holorecorder, holoprojector
Availability Licensed; Cost 3,900 credits


The T9-Series utility droid is a continuation of the successful T-series line. Unable to improve on perfection, little was changed on the inner-workings of the droid. However, it was decided to change the exterior of the droid to present a new “friendly face” to the T-Series droids with a dome-shaped head instead of its familiar disc-shaped one.

Much like the T7-Series utility droid, these droids were constructed during times of war resulting in military service droids to be outfitted with installed blaster weapons for better defense.

T9-Series Utility Droid

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