Republic Medical Droid

Droid Medic for the Republic


Republic Medical Droid CL 0
Medium droid (1st-degree) nonheroic 2
Init + 1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +5
Languages Basic, Binary, 2 unassigned

Defenses Ref 10 (flat-footed 10). Fort 9, Will 12
hp 5; Threshold 9
Immune droid traits

Speed 6 squares (walking)
Melee unarmed +0 (ld3-1)
Fighting Space 1 square; Reach 1 square
Base Atk + 1; Grp +0

Abilities Str 8, Dex 11, Con -, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 9
Feats Cybernetic Surgery, Skill Focus (Knowledge [life sciences], Treat
Injury). Skill Training (Use Computer). Surgical Expertise
Skills Knowledge (life sciences) + 13, Perception +5, Treat Injury + 13, Use
Computer +8
Systems walking locomotion, heuristic processor, 2 hands, improved
sensor package, vocabulator
Availability Licensed; Cost 4,300 credits


The galaxy was full of sentient species and it could be very hard for a flesh-and-blood doctor to know how to effectively treat more than a few of them. Medical droids had no such shortcomings, depending on their programming, some even had a passable bedside manner…others did not.

The medical droid at Minstyngar Base, mostly known as “THE Doc” had problems treating certain stubborn patients. Without receiving a mind-wipe, due to the fact that he was learning new medical procedures as time went by, he adpated an attitude of “zero tolerance” towards stubborn patients and would often sedate them to bed if they did not follow “THE Doc’s” orders. Those who have endured “THE Doc’s” treatments have quickly learned to obey his orders whereas new patients often find themselves at the point of a hypodermic needle.

Republic Medical Droid

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