Minstyngar Base

Republic Outpost


Yavin4 labor outpost as minstyngar outpost


Minstyngar Outpost is a Republic outpost that has been established since the starting years of the New Sith Wars. Its facilities include: an armory, barracks, command center, medical center, starport, and even a small cantina called the “Canopy” for a little R&R for the troops. The base itself is surrounded by a permacrete wall. It is currently under the overall command of Jedi Master Corbin Tycho with Captain Geff Kelstarr in command of the Kashyyyk Special Forces (KSF).

The outpost itself is surrounded by a dense forest making it difficult for Sith forces to pinpoint its exact location. The KSF often uses tactics to lead the Sith forces astray if they ever come within dangerous proximity of the base. The leadership however realizes it will only be a matter of time before the Sith forces finds the base (due to their growing numbers in troops) and force them to evacuate to the forest canopies.

Minstyngar Base

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