Master Corbin Tycho

General and Jedi Master


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Jedi Master Corbin Tycho is considered one of the best battlemasters of his time. He is one of the most respected Jedi generals by both sides. He was personally chosen by Lord Hoth to lead the campaign to defend the planet Kashyyyk.

However, reinforcements have been sparse therefore Master Tycho has been unable to counterstrike the onslaught the Sith has been wreaking on his forces on Kashyyyk. Master Tycho then realized that he would have to have his forces practice guerilla warfare in order to hold out against the Sith forces until the Republic was able to send more help.

Although he has earned the title as a Jedi Lord, he does not wish to be addressed as such. Such humbleness has even won him more admiration from his followers than one general could hope for.

He also acts as a mentor for Gavyyn Thess, who lost his master recently, and is also the master to Padawan Kaleb Vel, which unfortunately he has little time to train admist his many other duties. Master Tycho fears this lack of attention has been hurting Kaleb and his progress but he realizes not much can be done and keeps Kaleb at his studies during down time and nearby during battles. Despite all this, his padawan still looks up to him for guidance.

Master Tycho had a vision of some of the Republic forces bringing important supplies and recruits back to the base but then suddenly being under attack. He, along with other Republic forces, rushed off to the rescue and saved most of the party that was attacked. During this skirmish, he faced off against Lord Vhiran Lanith in a one-on-one duel and slayed him in combat.

Not knowing what to do with a Master-less Sith apprentice that seemed to have potential to do good, Master Tycho performed a test under the guise of a Tribunal. Seeing that D’Lar Darknova passed his test, he decided to allow D’Lar to join the Jedi’s cause (under the condition that those who spoke up for him are personally responsible for the young Sith’s actions).

When all matters were settled, Master Tycho gave the new recruits their assigned places on the base. For Gina Inviere and Juhani, he assigned them to Cpt. Geff Kelstarr under the military division and for the young Force Sensitives he assigned young Gavyn Thess to be their Jedi Master.

Master Corbin Tycho

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