z-Lord Vhiran Lanith (deceased)

Mavrick Sith Lord


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Lord Vhiran Lanith is often considered an “outsider” by most other Sith due to his “radical” take on the Dark Side of the Force. He is often criticized as being a “Gray Jedi” rather than Sith (or sometimes he is considered a “Gray Sith”).

Lord Lanith believes that there really is no light or dark sides of the Force. He believes that the Force is merely a reflection of the individual and how he or she uses the Force. Although he does admit of a corrupting nature of the Force when it is used in acts of cruelty and/or violence, he believes it is the individual his or herself that is the corrupting nature of the factor (i.e. the individual’s evil acts corrupts them to the core, thus causing the Force around them to become corrupted). Hence Lord Lanith does not participate in acts of cruelty and excessive violence.

Lord Lanith is one of the few Sith Lords that has not allowed himself to become totally corrupted by the Darkside of the Force as his unusual perspective of the Force allows him to resist the Darkside’s influence.

It is known only to a few as to why Lord Lanith is still a Sith and not a Jedi. One reason is that Lord Lanith would never be accepted into the Jedi Order with his views on the Force; the other being is that Lord Lanith hopes to change the perspective of the Sith to his ideals and return to Sith into what he believes was the “traditional Sith ways” which is an organization of Force users who follow their own passions and is not afraid to utilize the Force as a whole and not be a bunch of “bloodthristy conquerers” as they have been for centuries. Lord Lanith knows however that the Jedi seeks the Sith’s extinction and in order to protect what he believes in, he reluctantly helps the Sith cause in fighting this war. Only then when the war is over can Lord Lanith try to start convincing his fellow Sith into embracing his ideals.

Such views of Lord Lanith however has left other Sith around him uneasy and it has led them to not trust him. Although he is a Sith Lord, the Brotherhood has deemed him unfit to command any of their military forces and therefore Lord Lanith often fights alongside low-ranked footsoldiers of the Sith army under the command of another Sith Lord (although he does still carry the prestige of a Sith Lord which still demands respect from other non-Force sensitive servants of the Sith Order).

Lord Lanith has been granted apprentices from time to time however and is currently master to D’Lar Darknova and tries to guide him to follow the same ideals of the Force as he follows.

Lord Lanith was slain in one-on-one combat by Jedi Master Corbin Tycho during their ambush on Republic forces in order to intercept some supplies.

z-Lord Vhiran Lanith (deceased)

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