Star Wars: The Light and Darkness Wars

Act I, Chapter III

"A Deal for a Deel"

The Heroes are allowed some R&R time to recover and recuperate at the recommendation of their Jedi mentor Gavyn Thess. Master Thess decides he should give the heroes a break from the base and head to Kachiro, a nearby Wookiee village in order to get to know the locals.

On their way to Kachiro they hear a scream for help as they see an olive-skinned, male Twi’lek getting chased by a Kashyyyk Jungle Panther. The heroes manage to scare the panther away instead of killing it.

The Twi’lek introduces himself as Deel Olan which it is revealed that he is from Ardana’s tribe from Ryl. He is hunting Kashyyyk Panthers for their furs but was later found out he was trying to capture the panther’s cubs as well and by using any passer-by’s (in this case, our heroes) to kill the panther (considering his own lack of material resources that he was issued).

Deel asks his former tribe leader Ardana for help as he is in a sticky situation. He reveals he is in indentured service for the Blood Hunters and is working towards his freedom but he realizes he will likely die before he can pay off his debt. Almost everyone is very reluctant to assist the sleemo due to his recent actions and initially tell him “no”.

However, Olar-Urr realizes it is not the Jedi way to leave someone in distress, regardless of who they are, and offers to help him. Silently watching his apprentices to come to their own decisions, Master Thess is quite pleased to see that Olar has kept that lesson in mind and gives him a pat on the shoulder of approval. Ardana, being her tribe’s former-leader begins to feel that she is still responsible for members of her tribe and steps forward to assist (reluctantly) Deel. The rest of the party then decides to help the troubled young Twi’lek.

They arrive at Kachiro and begin their R&R (and planning of how to assist Deel) at a local cantina where Ardana meets her old Wookiee friend she met on Ryl, Tarbecca. Tarbecca also knows Master Thess and asks him for help. Tarbecca states that Trandoshan Slave Hunters are getting brazen and are making their presence known in Wookiee villages. Tarbecca requested help from his friends to help chase away the Slave Hunters from the villages. To reinforce Tarbecca’s point, several Trandoshans walk into the cantina. A drunken D’Lar seeking trouble begins to make his presence known to them and blocks the entrance to the cantina.

A barfight between D’Lar and the Trandoshans break out and D’Lar manages to hold his own until the rest of the Trandoshan thugs gang up on him and start using their claws. Fed up, D’Lar draws out his red lightsaber and scares them out of the cantina.

The party then decides to split up in order to solve both problems at once. Ardana, Olar, and D’Lar agreed to meet with the Blood Hunters to help Deel while Bren, Juhani, Gina, and Master Thess assists the Wookiees with their Trandoshan problems.

Bren attempts to scout ahead while Gina deserts Juhani by sneaking off on her own to stalk the Trandoshan hunting party. Juhani decides to head to the trees to scout from atop. However Bren made a clumsy mistake and got the attention of a small hunting party and they gave him pursuit in the jungle. Juhani and Gina ambushed the party while Bren turned about to fight back once he realized he had help. The fight was quick but costly as Gina was badly injured. Then the party was surrounded and outnumbered by the rest of the Trandoshan hunting party however they were ambushed by Master Thess, the padawan Kaleb Vel, and a small band of Wookiees (with Tarbecca as their leader). The party returned to Kachiro for medical aid.

Meanwhile Ardana, D’Lar, and Olar headed to the Blood Hunters camp and met a Houk named Horg which is in charge of the camp which is littered with Blood Hunter personnel. Ardana then decides to negotiate with Horg’s boss and Deel’s “owner” Captain Briel Blackmaw.

Ardana and D’Lar mention setting up a potential alliance between the Republic and Blood Hunters to Captain Blackmaw in exchange for Deel’s freedom. Captain Blackmaw agreed an alliance would be beneficial but it was not profitable and he gave them some options:
They could buy Deel’s freedom by paying off the rest of his 15,000 credit price/debt. Or they could hunt a dangerous creature for the Blood Hunters to harvest.

Having not enough money to pay off Deel’s debt, they agreed to hunt the dangerous creature which was called a Jampa, an offshoot of the Wampa which has adapted Kashyyyk’s jungles. They were offered a hunting token making the hunt legal and so they returned to Kachiro to gather the rest of the party.

The rest of the party recovered under the care of Wookiee physicians and were informed of the task by Ardana. The party headed to the Etyyy Hunting Grounds to search for the Jampa and they were ambushed by the surprisingly cunning creature from the treetops. The creature was eventually defeated and taken by the Blood Hunters.

Impressed, Briel agreed that Deel’s debt was paid however Horg blabbed that he was surpised that the fraudulent hunting token worked and this upset the rest of the heroes that they were set up to poach the dangerous creature.

Ardana attempted to get a refund of credits Briel paid to “buy” Deel on top of Deel’s emancipation for hunting such a dangerous creature however Briel would not fold to paying that amount and negotiated to give her a smaller sum of credits to reward them for their bravery.

Before closing off his holocommunication, he charmed the ladies in the party with his winks and smiles and stated he would look forward to meeting them sometime in the future.

The heroes returned to Kachiro with an emancipated Deel and discussed what Deel’s fate would be.

To be continued…


All respect to Master Gavin, I believe he is in error.

The Jedi Code says nothing about helping the less fortunate, especially the dangerous.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

Self-mastery, wisdom, foresight: these are the hallmarks of a good Jedi. Compassion, kindness, goodness: these are the marks of a good sentient.

Deel is a problem, and while I do not regret helping him, I do not judge it the wisest course. For now, we are responsible for his continued existence. Though I welcome the challenges and obstacles he represents, and relish in overcoming them with care and forethought, I will be watchful. Young Bran is still learning, and I would not wish the boy any harm from this hapless fool Twi’lek.

Act I, Chapter III

I don’t like being used.

Deel came screaming at us out of the woods, wanting us to kill his beast for his own profit. Then, he demands we help him. If it weren’t for the fact that those pirate friends of his could become valuable allies, or the wishes of Ardana, I would have left him in the jungle. Gavin believes that helping him is the Jedi way, but it sounds terribly like enabling to me.

But we showed our own weakness and helped the fool. Walked into his pirate compound and allowed another fool to talk down to us, and flirt with… Ardana… why did that bother me so much? Her suggestion of a more intimate relationship with the pirate captain, even though a ruse to lead him by the nose, stirred too many dark emotions. What does it mean?

I need to meditate.

Act I, Chapter III

I have never felt more lost in my life. I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to be here. I want to be back on the farm, with my parents, and my brother and sister. I can’t though. all of that has been ripped away from me. Now I fight. I fight the people who destroyed my family. I will find my siblings, and I will destroy those who took them.

I am being trained as a Jedi. I have no idea what it even means to be a Jedi. I have two different training influences. On one side I have Gavyn Thess and Olar-Urr, focusing me in a certain direction. Then I have D’lar Darknova, a former Sith whom seems to have taken an interest in training me in a different way. All I really care about is becoming stronger, so I can take on the ones who have Kol and Tess.

Act I, Chapter III

What do you call a Clan Leader without a Clan to lead?

Deel was one of my clansmen, as much as I hated it. He was cowardly, lazy, and arrogant with few positive traits, but his safety, his life, was my responsibility. It didn’t matter that I thought he’d done it to himself or that he was better off than anyone else in our clan, who were all dead or enslaved. My responsibility.

I would help him because it was my duty to do so. Not because I wanted to, because I didn’t. Not because I thought it was right, because I didn’t. But because it was my duty.

D’lar, my former-Sith current master and Olar-Urr, the Jedi Draethos, both agreed to accompany me to talk with Deel’s “owner”. I must have been some sight, walking into the Bloodhunter’s camp with my ‘Sith’ and Jedi ‘bodyguards.’ I struck a deal with the leader, this Captain Briel; to bring him the corpse of a rare beast in exchange for my clansman. Slaves didn’t have a lot of credits to their name, so it was the only thing I could do to guarantee Deel’s freedom.

The others in our rag-tag little group agreed to help with the hunt. I appreciated it, but I couldn’t figure out why they would agree; what benefit they were getting out of it? The Jedi I could count on doing the ‘right’ thing, helping some poor helpless creature (which is exactly what Deel is). D’lar felt responsible for me, and in a way, he was as my master. The arms-for-hire, the Cathar Juhani and the humanoid Gina, were they in it for the thrill of the hunt? For glory? For creds? Some sense of it being expected of them? I didn’t know.

We fell the beast, taking some injuries on our side, and I discovered that it wasn’t just the beast we were taking back, but also the things that had grafted themselves to its flesh. As those weren’t part of the deal I’d made with Briel, I demanded credits on top of Deel’s freedom. To my surprise, Briel agreed, albeit to a lower amount than what I had demanded.

There was something that drew me to the human man, something that made me rather glad our communications were only via holo.

My clansman was now free, likely the only one of our Clan to be so.

I had reunited with one of my old friends and learned that my mentor and friend was dead because of the Sith.

I would morn Nyun-kaa’s death later, after Deel’s fate was decided.

Act I, Chapter III
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