Star Wars: The Light and Darkness Wars

Act I Chapter II

"Rage of the Sith"

At 0600 hours, the briefing starts in the command center. Cpt. Kelstarr and Master Tycho are presenting the mission to the heroes along with Gavyn.

Their orders are to investigate this “enhancement stim” that seems to make its troops go mad by infiltrating a nearby Sith base and get more information. Destroy the surplus of stims if necessary. Gavyn is ordered to track down a group of Sith that have been dangerously close to the base’s hidden perimeter. He manages to get permission to escort his apprentices and allies to the near location of the base.

As the party gets closer to the base, they notice wreckages of droids and dead bodies, both from Republic and Sith sides. They do encounter some of the Rage Troopers standing guard at the base’s perimeter and a fight ensues but the heroes emerge victorious. Gavyn and the rest of the party part ways and then the heroes venture into the base.

The heroes manage to make their way through the base after several encounters with the deadly “Rage Troopers”. They find an armory with a small assortment of weaponry and a scientist that has managed to survive the nightmare that has occurred in the base and fills them in on the rage toxin the Sith have been developing for years to enhance their forces; however it went wrong and they took over the base.

The party manages to encounter the “leader” of the Rage Troopers Sgt. Kallos and defeated him in combat. They managed to find the “Rage Toxin” located in a safe and the toxin is destroyed (unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Ardana has secretly saved a file on how to manufacture the toxin) and returned safely to the Republic base.


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