Star Wars: The Light and Darkness Wars

Act I Chapter I

"The Clash of Destinies"

Scene: A Republic shuttle enters a lush green planet’s horizon, entering the sky with tree-tops present where it finally lands at a Republic landing site with tattered banners flying high and the hustle and bustle of people loading/unloading cargo on freighters are going on about.

The young heroes exit the shuttle: Bren, Juhani, Olan, and Gina.

They are greeted by a man in camouflaged armor and uttering (through a helmeted voice) “Greetings! Welcome to Kashyyyk, the best ‘vacation’ spot in the galaxy! I’m Corporal Desh Lance, in charge of Zeta Squad of the Kashyyyk Special Forces. I’m charge of escorting you guys back to our base deep in the forest.”
Cpl. Lance looks the over everyone and asks “I suppose a short meet-and-greet is in order, what are your names, and if you wish, where do you come from? If you don’t wish to tell of your background that’s okay, it’s not like life has been gentle in the galaxy as of late, so I don’t blame you if you don’t wish to talk about the past.”

No one replies, nervously, Cpl. Lance informs everyone that they will be ready to leave once the cargo is prepared to go.

New Scene (In another part of the jungles of Kashyyyk): In a Sith camp (which was established to help the Sith hunt down the elusive Republic Base) Major Kryuss Vemril (which is in Trooper armor and not in the standard officer’s uniform) is overseeing a holomap with some of his underling advisors making battle strategies. Also present is Sith Lord Vhiran Lanith as his apprentice D’Lar Darknova and Darknova’s Twi’lek slave Ardana Vizzal.
Maj. Vemril hears a report from one of his underlings that a Republic shuttle has landed nearby with supply cargo. Maj. Vemril figures the supplies may be for a hidden Republic camp and comments on how he would like to intercept those supplies for his men since they were so far away from the Sith base
Lord Lanith volunteers to get the supplies and Maj. Vemril allows Lord Lanith to take small armed escort with him to take the supplies back. Maj. Vemril instructs Lord Lanith to “take no prisoners”.

New Scene (an undisclosed part of the Jungle on Kashyyyk): Time goes by as the Republic is moving through the jungle but the Sith forces manage to catch up with them and attack!

As the battle progresses, the overwhelming Sith forces are winning and are about to pounce on the remaining survivors of the Republic party however, the tide is once again turned as Republic forces attack along with a handful of Jedi.

Master Corbin Tycho and Lord Lanith lock in a great duel…at the same time D’Lar and Olar engage in combat as well with his companion, Ardana looking on. Juhani and Gina fall in combat and young Bren gets desperate and starts opening fire on any Sith he sees.
The duel is evenly matched, however at the end Master Tycho gains the upper hand and slays Lord Lanith! The Republic forces manage to defeat the Sith forces and escort the survivors and the cargo back to the hidden Republic Base.

New Scene (At the hidden Republic Base nicknamed Minstyngar Base): The heroes recuperate and settle in and D’Lar faces a Jedi Tribunal. The young heroes stand up against the Jedi in defense of D’Lar. The Jedi later reveals that the Tribunal was only a test to discover the kind of character D’Lar possessed and seeing that others spoke up for him, regardless of knowing anything about him other than being Sith, he passed the test and was recruited by the Jedi Order (under the provision that the others supervise him).

The Force Sensitive heroes were assigned to the care of a young Jedi Knight Gavynn Thess to train them in the ways of the Force while the non-Force Sensitive heroes were assigned under Captain Geff Kelstarr’s command. The heroes were then given their first orders by their newly appointed commanders to attend a briefing at 0600 hours.

End of Chapter 1


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